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Sampler Pack

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Can't choose just one?

We've got you covered - sample every treatment with our Sampler Packs. 


Great for those new to masking, or for those girly sleepovers!

Each pack contains:- 

- NEW Oceanic Seaweed + Peptides Eye Masks

- CULT FAVOURITE Nano Gold Eye Masks

- Activated Coconut Charcoal Eye Masks

- Collagen Booster Eye Masks


 See in

The ritual

1. Cleanse face and gently pat dry.
2. Open pouch and carefully smooth mask pieces under eyes.
3. Drop your shoulders, exhale and relax for 10-20 minutes allowing deep absorption of the mask.
4. Remove mask pieces and gently massage remaining elixir from pouch into face and neck.

For lasting hydration, repeat the ritual twice weekly for 5 weeks, and then as desired.

What Goddess's think

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